Benjamin Billet

◈ Ingénieur de recherche et développement, docteur en informatique


Dernière màj: 24/07/2015

similarity-finder is a tool collection for finding similar images on a computer, based on the perceptual hashing algorithm pHash.

The source code and the binaries will be made available on BitBucket under the licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) :

The github repository contains two sub-projects:

  • A minimalistic command-line interface for computing image hashes.
  • A command-line tool for finding similar images in a given folder (to appear).

CLI tools

Compute the hash of each png, jpeg, bmp and tiff contained in a folder.
Usage: phash [-d <directory>] [-o <file>] [-r]
    -d: specify a directory to scan, default = current directory
    -o: specify a file for storing hashes, default = stdout
    -r: scan sub-folders, default = false