Benjamin Billet

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Dernière màj: 24/03/2016

Paprika is a(nother) very small and easy-to-use image gallery. Simply upload your images (JPG, GIF or PNG) on your server and that's it! The gallery will automatically analyze your images for extracting EXIF metadata and generating thumbnails.

Focusing on performance, Paprika is cache-friendly and leverages lazy techniques for loading and processing images. Paprika only requires PHP and GD (provided by most of the web hosting services) to work. It does not require any database, specific libraries or complex preprocessing tools.

  • Easy-to-use gallery: directly upload images and it's done.
  • Support for PNG, GIF, JPEG image formats.
  • Decoding of EXIF data.
  • Integrated slideshow viewer.
  • Lazy loading of images, using bLazy.
  • Very easy to style for anyone with some CSS and HTML skills.

Where can I find a demo?


What are the installation steps?

Download the source code. Upload all the files and folders into your server. Upload folders with photos into the photos folder. Done.

Is there any configurable options?

Try to edit the paprika.conf.php file, a few configuration options are provided there.

I replaced a photo but the thumbnail image did not change. What sould I do?

For performance reasons, Paprika never re-create a thumbnail, even if the original photo is replace. Consequently, you must delete the thumbnail file by yourself: cache/thumbs_<your photo name>.
You can reset all your thumbnails by deleting the cache folder.

How can I contribute?